People should really say what they mean and mean what they say.  Words are powerful… at least they can be.  I put a lot of stock in words so when someone speaks to me, I take imagethem at their word.  This comes up because today I was told by someone,  “I wish you success…” and then he proceeded to do everything possible to lay a path of destruction in front of me.  I looked up the word wish in the dictionary.  Yes, I know what it means but I wanted to see it defined.  Indulge me.  It means to want, desire or to long for. This person’s actions mean exactly the opposite of what he said. So essentially, he is a liar. And that’s the way I see it… that black and white… be genuine, be truthful, be honest, act with integrity.  The only other option is to be a liar.  {Exit soapbox}

(Dogs are always honest)


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