I wish…

image…that I knew what my dog was thinking.
…that others were as considerate as I try to be.
…that macaroni and cheese was calorie free.
…that money really did grow on trees.
…that airfare was cheaper.
…that all my friends and family lived next door.
…that I enjoyed drinking water as much as I do coffee and diet coke.
…that I could visit the ocean every day.
…that the sun didn’t burn.
…that it was spring all year long.
…that flowers never died.
…that I actually enjoyed exercise.
…that gum didn’t run out of flavor so quickly.
…that I could still talk to my Mom on the phone.
…that we had a cure for selfishness.
…that violence didn’t exist.
…that prejudice and racism would disappear.
…that every person knew what it felt like to be loved unconditionally.
…that I could always be a light and example to those that are watching.
…that hurting people could all experience the healing love of Christ.



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