Things that inspire

I know I’ve been rather extinct from the blogosphere lately. It’s been an emotionally taxing year to say the very least. But rather than leave my blog and readers high and dry, I thought I’d start dropping a few lines and phrases from time to time to show you what 20120917-222321.jpghas inspired me.

Today, I was reading a book my Mom gave me last Christmas….one I didn’t pick up to start reading until I lost her in March. It’s a book called Kaleidoscope by Claire Cloninger. Here’s what caught my attention today:

“Elizabeth Barrett Browning once wrote:

‘Earth’s crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God.’

I believe it is one of the great challenges of our humanity not to miss the heaven so close at hand. If we are ever to appreciate fully the outpouring of our Father’s love, we must learn to look up from our ritual preoccupation and delight in the beauty He has set before us.”

May you be inspired today to ‘look up’.
Look up…there’s beauty all around


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