Can I take a break please?

I have to say that this has been the most difficult year of my entire life. It’s interesting…our business is doing well…my relationships with my step children have 20120827-222116.jpggrown immensely. But in the midst of that, my family has suffered great sorrow. In January, we had to put Brutus to sleep. He was my sister’s 11-year old dog. He was family. It hurt so deeply. Two months later, we lost my mother…she was only 58…too young to leave this world. It was a tremendous shock that has left a huge hole in the heart of our family. If you’ve followed my blog, you’ve read about these losses and experienced some of that journey with me. Three weeks ago, we said good-bye to my mother-in-law…a beautiful woman whom I counted as a second mom.

It’s a strange feeling to be “motherless”. The selfish part of me wants them all back. Part of me wants to understand why. Why, in such a tiny span of time, did I have to lose so much? But the part of me that knows my Heavenly Father knows that they are with Him now. The part of me that loves deeply and selflessly would never want them to come back from where they are now…far from the hurts and sorrow of this old world. But I do miss them. And there’s still this hole in my heart that will always remain empty this side of Heaven.



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