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I wanted to share my sister’s words with you. These are from her blog.

Jane's Unsound Mind

This whole last week has been a blur. Exactly 1 week ago today at this very moment (12:24am on March 20, 2012), I said good bye for now. Why do I say for now? That’s because I know with certainty that I’ll see my mom again one day when I, too, pass from this life. I am joyful she is with the Lord.

However, I am also sad because I don’t have her here anymore. She was much too young to be taken from us. Of course, who is to say the time and the day when our loved ones be taken from us? God, the Author and perfecter of our faith. He knew her before she was born. He knit my beloved mother together inside her mother’s womb.
I want to share with you what those precious last moments with my mom on this earth were like.

At 11:53am…

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2 thoughts on “My Sister’s Blog

  1. Margie & Jane, your tribute to your mother are two of the most beautiful I have ever seen. I can only hope my children will remember me with the love and respect. She was obviously one of the godliest! You were truly blessed! My prayers and thoughts are with you all. Though the days are painful now they will get better with time. I rejoice with you that she is with our heavenly Father and you will see her again someday. In the meantime, revel in those wonderful memories while looking forward to the day you will see her again! Love & prayers, Barbara Stiglich (Piedmont Church)


  2. Barbara…thank you so much for reading about her. She is truly my hero. I miss her more than I can express in words…and I think about her constantly and wonder what she’s doing. I hope that I can be like her.


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