Travel Faux Pas

I flew over 100,000 miles last year…I’ve seen and heard a lot of things as I’ve roamed this world! I’ve learned quite a bit too…people do many careless and even stupid, inconsiderate things out there. Some of these acts are done clearly out of ignorance and some out of sheer selfishness. May I present to you my own list of travel faux pas:

1. Stopping suddenly while walking in the airport. Here we are all moving in the same direction through a crowded airport…I am 2 steps behind you and you decide to stop dead in your tracks. Hello!!!! Not very smart. I cannot be responsible for what sarcastic comment may exit my mouth when I narrowly miss running you over.

2. Talking loudly in the airplane. This is NOT your living room. As your mommy used to say, “use your inside voice dear.”

3. Wearing those cheap little ear buds to listen to your crap music in public places. Please, spare us from having to listen to your sucky music that is so loud I can hear it from 4 feet away. Spend a few extra bucks and get the in-ears before I decide to kick your shins (I mean that in the nicest possible way).

4. Clipping your fingernails (or, God forbid, your toenails) in the airplane. Enough said.

5. Smacking and popping gum in the airplane or tour bus. It’s just rude. Please think about the people around you. We think you’re annoying. It makes me want to gouge your eyeballs. (I’m really not a violent person.)

6. Being an obnoxious American. Don’t get mad at me here. I am a proud American too. But don’t visit someone else’s culture and continually announce, “well back in America, here’s how we do it…”. It’s insensitive and rude.

7. Putting in heavy perfume or cologne right before a long flight. You are choking us out! C’mon…I sat behind a guy that must have taken a shower in cologne in the Duty Free shop just before boarding. I thought I was going to throw up.

8. Smoking. Sorry, get offended if you want. But you stink…you went into one of those disgusting smoking rooms in the airport 10 minutes before the flight and sucked down 2 cigarettes and now I have to sit next to you in a polluted air cloud. Gag.

9. Lighting up a cigarette in a crowd. Rude, just rude. I took a shower this morning and here I am feeling and smelling great and you ruin it by blowing your second hand smoke into my personal space. Thanks. Now I stink too. Oh and don’t forget that there are likely people around you who are allergic to cigarette smoke or severely asthmatic…but we wouldn’t want you to forgo your personal rights for someone else, would we?

10. Not taking a hint. If I have my earphones in, I probably am20120227-004509.jpg not feeling chatty. Please stop trying to chat me up.

Well that’s my little list of travel no-no’s. There are so many more but these are some of the top. Just remember when traveling to be considerate and remember that your actions and choices affect the people around you and you’ll probably be okay.

I welcome your comments as long as you’re not defending any of the above!

Just for “grins,” here is a picture of a cigarette carton from Egypt.



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