Do YOUR past decisions sum up who you are now?

I have to say it. I have to bring it up. This is not going to be a political discussion. It’s a discussion about people, humanity. Have you ever made a REALLY bad decision? If you’re like me and the rest of the human race, then you’ve made countless bad decisions. Sometimes those bad decisions lead to tumultuous and, many times, undesirable consequences. Have you ever said something and realized a millisecond after it exited your mouth that you were going to eat those words BIG TIME? Or maybe you thought it was a good idea at the time, and those words didn’t come back to bite you for a few days or months or even years. Not one person who has ever walked on this earth (except for Jesus Christ) has been immune from it. Stop and think about this before you read what I’m going to say next.

Okay…are you humble yet? What if someone you’d never met read the story of your life and the bad decisions and judgements you’d made in your past. Would it be fair to discredit you? No! Of course not! So why is the biggest story about Newt Gingrich about his past? It is petty, unfair and if you were being treated this way by virtue of only your past actions, you would be highly offended. Don’t stoop to this level. What happened to the golden rule…do unto others as YOU would want them to do unto you.

As I mentioned when I started…this is not a political discussion. It’s about human decency and extending mercy and grace. If you post political comments, they will not be approved (I get to control that!).

That’s my soapbox for today!


2 thoughts on “Do YOUR past decisions sum up who you are now?

  1. Unfortunately, in the wild game of politics, such things as the Golden Rule do not exist. Instead, it is “Do Unto Others, Before They Do It To You.”

    The past is also something we look at through the prism of our own mistakes. Maybe some people haven’t made the same mistakes as him and judge him harshly because of that. That doesn’t mean they haven’t made mistakes, if he made a mistake that a lot of others did, maybe he would get a pass. Or if he had a (D) beside his name instead of a (R) he would get the benefit of the doubt.


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