Christmas Comes Early

Well tomorrow is Christmas in our home! Yes, I know it’s not December 25 yet; but having stepchildren means that there is another parent somewhere that wants their share of kid-time during the holidays too! We’ve always been flexible with the “when” because we can create wonderful Christmas memories regardless of whether it’s the 25th or not. As a matter of fact, one of the positives with being the stepparent is that I have been able to introduce new Christmas and family traditions into the kids’ lives…traditions that I grew up with. Sometimes Brad and the kids give me a hard time about all my ideas and traditions…but in the end I think they appreciate it. AND I believe in my heart that they will look back on their Christmases with me and their dad with fondness in years to come. There will be a uniqueness in the Christmastimes with Dad and Margie that will hopefully fill their memories. And maybe, just maybe, some of those special traditions that I brought into this family will be carried on to their own families some day.

My favorite part of Christmas morning is watching each person open their gifts that were so carefully chosen. I love it when I can surprise them. I take great joy in beautifully wrapping and decorating each gift. One of my traditions that drives the kids crazy is that I don’t put names on the gifts… I memorize each package and only I know whose is w

Speaking of new traditions, here is a shot with Brad and the 2 younger kiddos in NYC for Thanksgiving!

hose! (it really helps with kids that like to snoop!). It has only backfired on me one time…last year I got Brad’s gift confused with KT’s; I realized it after her first big rip and had to quickly grab it!

I love that the last thing we will do with our family tomorrow night (before we pack them up and send them off to their mom the next morning) is attend an early Christmas Eve service at our church…we will finish off “our” Christmas day with a special time to help remind us why we have Christmas and to keep in perspective, as we go our separate ways, what (or rather Who) was (is) the greatest gift of all time. He is why we give after all! Merry Christmas!



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