You’re Not Perfect?!?!

Let’s face it…we all make mistakes. It doesn’t matter how many we make in the course of a week or a year or a lifetime; they still catch us off guard and we end up disappointed in ourselves. Mistakes are inevitable. No one is perfect. I’m not writing this to depress you. So, what’s the silver lining?

No one is perfect. But we can create our own responses to our mistakes. Here’s the silver

Being silly…just a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously!!

lining: you can use your mistakes to show people who you are (or who you strive to be) and to strengthen the trust others place in you. Respond to your mistakes humbly with grace and finesse. Apologize if necessary (it usually is!). Go the extra mile to make it right if it is within your ability to do so. In the end, it is an opportunity to learn, to be an example to others who may be watching your response, and to strengthen relationships. Remember, mistakes are just our reminder that we are still part of the human race. I always tell people, “I strive very hard for perfection; but sometimes I simply fall short.” Who needs perfection anyway? How boring would life be if we were all perfect?



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