Just the Two of Us

Well I figured it’s about time I write SOMETHING here! We have been so busy between our business and family and travel schedules. As you may recall, Brad and I run a group travel business (www.HarmonyInternational.com). Before we can market a project in a new destination, we (naturally) have to experience it ourselves…soooooo…last week we did an inspection tour to Hawaii (I know …I can hear your groans now…what a tough job, right???!!!)! The nice thing about this one is that it was just the two of us. We flew first to Honolulu and for two full days we met with people from hotels, festival arrangers, event coordinators, etc. Fortunately we finished all our meetings and inspections in the first 2 full days so the third day we spent most of the day with an old friend who now lives in Honolulu as her husband is stationed there in the Army. Afterwards (here comes the really tough part) we decided (since we had 2 more days) to hop a flight over to Maui (beautiful Maui!!). We got to relax a bit there. My favorite memories are:
1. Swimming in the crystal blue waters and a sea turtle (huge…maybe 3-4 feet) swam right up to us!
2. A wonderfully delicious dinner at Mama’s Fish House…one of THE best dinners I’ve ever had from the food to the ambiance to the service.
3. The last day we drove along the coastal road around the north of the island…it was so beautiful…about 35 miles of winding roads …my favorite part was that about 10 miles or so if that stretch was a one lane road!!! What an adventure…never knowing what was around the bend…maybe a car coming in the opposite direction and we’d have to back up to a spot that was wide enough for two cars to barely pass each other! …stunning scenery…perfect weather…just the two of us!


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