On the other hand…

Well, you heard my gripes and complaints about the woes of being a stepmom.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still the most difficult thing I’ve ever tackled.  But, I wanted to tell you a little bit about my relationship with the very special 12-year old girl in my life…KT.   She is a super-special kid and she and I have a really great relationship.

From the very first time we met–we clicked.  She was 7 years old and she told me everything about herself [mostly had to do with kitty cats and big brothers and favorite colors and candies…you get the picture].  I’ll never forget the day that she and her daddy and I were doing some shopping just about a month after I’d met her.  Her dad and  I were on either side of her, holding her hands and swinging her between us.  She looked up at me and asked, “are you going to marry my daddy?”  Her dad said, “would you like that?”  …and she nodded her head…she told us that she always thought the stepmoms were mean and she had been scared about having a stepmom.  But since it was me, she was not afraid anymore.   That was the first of many times she melted my heart.

We are both communicators and deep thinkers and we both have the gift of mercy.  These 3 things really create a special bond between us.  We also both love make-up and fashion and accessories and shopping for new clothes!   We got to spend a lot of time together this past summer as she got to travel with us to Australia, Germany, France, and London.    How fun to experience the Eiffel Tower and the Rhine River and London’s double-decker bus and a West End show and the Sydney Opera House with KT for the first time.  How wonderful it was to watch her use her social-butterfly skills as she interacted with the adults in our tour groups.   People were so impressed with her

Taken in June, 2011 at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.

conversational abilities, her delightful personality, her intelligence, her sweetness…you get the point [yes I AM biased!].    We created so many memories and grew closer than ever.

One night, the 2 of us were just sitting on the couch in our Sydney hotel and we decided that stepmom just wasn’t a good way to describe who I was to her.  We determined that I am more like a big sister.  I am honored.   She is a special, unique, and beautiful young lady.  So for all the difficult things I have been through these past 4 1/2 years as a stepmom…it’s all worth it because of KT!


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