We walk through our lives as if we had time on our hands. We are in control. Our comings and goings…we’ve got them all worked out. Right? The truth is none of us knows what breath will be our very last.

Ten years ago, thousands of people went about their way. They boarded flights to go home, to go on business trips, to visit family…they set out for work, for job interviews, for appointments…they said their “see you laters” and “talk to you soons” without the slightest thought that September 11, 2001 would be anything other than normal. What tragedy and pain struck our nation that day…the very last day in this world for so many. A sacrifice of thousands who were not given a choice. Have you forgotten? Did that day in history change you? Do you take the days you have for granted? Or do you truly recognize the gift that each day represents…each breath you take.

Remember 9/11. Remember the sacrifices. Remember the brave. Remember the heroes. Remember those left with empty chairs at their dinner tables. Remember to make every moment, every breath count. Because truly our lives are but a vapor.


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