My Little Best Friend

Ok…don’t judge me…but there is an Italian Greyhound in my life that is truly my best little friend. I have had dogs off and on my entire life but have never considered myself a “dog person” until this little guy came into my life. His name is Nike. Besides being extremely cute and full of personality, he has been my constant companion for the past (almost) 5 years! He is always happy to see me…when I come home from being gone; his entire body wags with utter excitement at my presence. (With all the travel we do though, I’m pretty sure he is dealing with some abandonment issues!). He can always tell when I am sad…he has literally licked tears from my face when I’ve cried (his breath is completely horrendous but I appreciate the sentiment for sure). He is content to simply cuddle in my lap whether I’m working in my office or watching TV or lying in bed. He loves giving doggie kisses…I’m not kidding…if I say to him, “Nike, I love you,” he will immediately try to kiss me…I know…kind of gross…I’m not a fan of wet doggie kisses but he’s just trying to tell me he loves me back. What more could a girl ask for, right?

On the other hand, he is a rather demanding little guy…he has grown into quite a big personality. He’s pretty quiet unless he wants something…especially food (well, mostly food). He has developed quite the food addiction! He knows exactly when mealtime arrives and will remind me with little whimpers or yelps if I forget…sometimes even a little “punch” with his feet! The longer I wait, the more loud and frequent his announcements get. I swear, he would eat himself to death if I let him. He also knows when he’s ready to go to bed…he will sit at the door to our bedroom and “announce” with a yelp that we have waited far too long to retire. He’s a jealous little guy…if I’m sitting on the couch looking at my phone or computer, he literally places himself on my lap between my face and whatever I’m holding that is distracting me from giving 20110829-070020.jpghim my love and attention. I fear that all of this behavior is my fault. He’s quite spoiled and I have no doubt that he doesn’t realize he’s a dog…just one of the humans!

But despite his bad breath, food addiction, jealous streak, strong opinions, and altogether demanding personality, Nike is mine, and I love him and he loves me.



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