Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I am writing this update from Road Town, Tortola (BVI) while my husband naps peacefully next to me and I listen to the comforting sounds of his snoring (yes…it can be comforting at times…not all the time…but right now it is). You see, until yesterday, we had not seen each other for 3 weeks; and 8 days of those 3 weeks we couldn’t even talk to each other. He and my brother-in-law were on an “man-adventure” in the Atlantic ocean several hundred miles from any communication means other than short wave radio. (Brad has chronicled their journey on his own blog at roamaroundtheworld.net.)

There were times (especially towards the end of those eight days) when my anxiousness got the best of me (because I forgot that God was in control of protecting Brad) and I wondered if I would hear his voice again. It was in those times when I realized that I longed to have to pick up his dirty clothes from the floor next to the bed or clean the bathroom mirror from the splashes of water and shaving cream in front of his sink or lie awake next to him because his snores are keeping me from drifting to sleep…you get the picture. In turn, I have since found that he even missed the sound of my incessant chatter as I fill him in on all the events in my day and all the thoughts and ideas that run through my mind (remember I started a blog because Brad thought I needed a better 20110820-035715.jpgoutlet…see my first blog entry) Even today as he listened to me fill him in on 3 weeks of happenings, I saw joy in his face to hear my voice as he truly and devotedly listened.

So you see? Absence truly DOES make the heart grow fonder…I am looking forward to a week of down time with my husband and best friend, come rain or come shine (and apparently there will be more rain than shine!).



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