Oh Where, Oh Where Can He Be?

My husband, Brad, and my sister’s husband, Clint, set out on an adventure this past Sunday on a sailboat from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to the British Virgin Islands. I love sailing too, but I like to sail where I can see land so you can understand why I thought to pass on this journey and let it be ‘time for the guys.’ Brad and I spoke by phone on Tuesday night…the Captain that is sailing with them (thankfully they were not so crazy as to go without a professional!!) estimated that they should be approaching Puerto Rico by Friday (if everything went as ‘planned’). The unsettling part is that once they got past the lowest Bahamian Islands, they hung a left out into the deep blue Atlantic to catch the Trade Winds to help them sail on south. The downside? There is no mobile phone service20110814-025046.jpg in the deep blue…so mentally prepared myself to hear nothing from him from Tuesday night until sometime on Friday (evening at the latest). I am typing this at 2:45 AM in Sunday morning…yes…yikes! Needless to say, I would love, love, love to hear the voice of my husband right now so that I can lower my blood pressure. Can I get an “Amen?”

Brad has been blogging about their adventure (at least up until they disappeared into the wild blue signal-less yonder)…you can read it at http://roamaroundtheworld.net if you’d like to keep up. In the meantime, send a few prayers up for me and my nerves (and my sister’s nerves) and Brad and Clint on their wild journey at sea!

Stay tuned…



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