Words don’t stop

Think about it…you may have to think back to when you were a child; or there may be something in the recent past that continues to sting. Words. Words that were used against you, to injure. I can still hear the ring of some of them from even 20 years ago, regardless of their validity or truth. Can you?

Such seemingly simple things…groupings of letters placed together to create language…words. They are powerful…that power can be destructive and brutal or edifying and encouraging. When we have something important to say, we think about it and craft each word and sentence to be sure they are received with exact intention and care. Yet when we are angry, we rashly fling unsavory words at someone we care about. Words…they are powerful. You can’t take them back once they have exited your mouth. Sure, you can (and should) apologize. But the apology doesn’t remove the sting. It’s a salve on a wound that will heal…but the scars will remain. They live infinitely in our thoughts.

Words…choose them carefully and thoughtfully. Let them be good words that build, inspire, and encourage. Let these be the words that live on.


4 thoughts on “Words don’t stop

  1. This is true. I can still feel the pain of some words from 50 years ago. I do not remember the child who said them; not even the gender, but I have never forgotten the words.

    Someone I loved and admired insinuated I had stolen something when I was about 7 or 8. There is still a scar.

    I remember learning “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” That is a lie straight from the pit of hell! Both words and stones were used to wound me; but the words hurt a lot more than the stones.

    While you children were growing up, I tried to use words to build your esteem. I hope I never unthinkingly blurted anything which wounded you.


  2. I know we had our differences when I was a teenager. But I can truthfully say that you never uttered a word at me that caused any wounds. I never thought about that before… What an accomplishment!!


  3. I love this post. It’s rings so true to me. If you read my blog, I’ve posted a little excerpt of a time in my life when kids were just horrible to me. They’ve left a scar deeper than any cut I’ve gotten from falling in the gravel. I feel that scar every time I look in the mirror, pressing on my self esteem. Those kids will never know what their words have done to me. Sometimes we pretend to be so strong but pretending only goes so far.


  4. I have those scars too, Erin. I always have to remind myself that people who are cruel have to be unhappy people with some major self-esteem issues that they need to behave this way to elevate themselves. For what it’s worth, I think you are a beautiful, talented, Godly young woman…


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