Friends (TRUE friends) are hard to come by.  When I was young, having ‘lots’ of friends was a big deal…I really thought I had lots of friends as a teenager and young adult.  As I’ve gotten older, my definition of friend has changed. The truth is, on Facebook I currently have 438 friends.  Wow!  But the reality is…only a handful of them are tried and true.  My pastor says that true friends are “the people who run into the room of your life when everyone else is running out.”  He has also said that there are 3 types of friends:  Friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for life.  Honestly, you have to go through crises in your life to discern who those friends for life are.  They are the ones you can call in the middle of the night…they aren’t afraid to look you in the eye and tell you when you’re wrong…they don’t judge you when you make stupid mistakes…they love you no matter who you are now or who you were yesterday or who you may become tomorrow…they stand by you when the world turns away…they always make time for you…they listen…they encourage…   As I’ve gotten older, and ‘friends’ have come and gone, I feel honored and blessed that I can actually count on two hands (yes, two!) those genuine, lifelong friends.  Most of them are my family…a select few are not (at least not by blood)…you all know who you are…I don’t have to tell you.


6 thoughts on “Friends…

  1. A beautiful insight into friendship…some good points to ponder. I feel the same way with regards to friends and how they are hard to come by. I think that our focus shift in our 20’s/30’s/and beyond to family and career really weeds out those faint of heart. A true friend will understand that quality of the time spent together supersedes quantity.


  2. Thank you two soo much! I agree. I have had issues with this lately as to who to trust and who not to trust and how do you know the difference. I still dont know. How do you know if the person running into the room is coming to you or just to be nosy? How do you know if they are coming to help because they care and want to help or they are being selfish and want you to do what they want to do so that it benefits them? You don’t have to answer that is the thoughts that I have had on my mind today. It is funny that this is what you felt you needed to say today.


  3. Lisa…how weird that I thought to write this last night (at midnight!). it is a process of discernment to say the least. Unfortunately, it requires getting burned at times. You have to give a little bit of trust to people around you…see what they do with that little bit of trust. I ALWAYS say to ‘go with your gut.’ If you get an uneasy feeling about someone, listen to your intuition.


  4. So well said! I too can count on my hand my true lifelong friends. I have had friends that were for a season and friends at work who I still keep up with, but those friends you can call at any time are few and far between.

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