Here I am…

So, I’ve been thinking about this blog thing for a long time now.  It’s a well-known fact that I have a lot to say…just ask my husband (or my sister, or my mom, or my step kids…you get the point)…I’ve decided that it’s time for a fresh outlet (or should I say that my husband has strongly urged me to find a fresh outlet) for all the advice, words of ‘wisdom,’ rants, complaints, pet peeves, stories from my life, and simply random thoughts that are swimming around in my head.

We were in the car one day (which is one of those places where I can usually get a captive audience!) on the way home from the airport after picking Brad up from an exhausting overseas trip and (in my typical fashion) I had proceeded to unload my thoughts…about 6,232 words into my brain-dump, Brad finally said “you NEED a blog.”  Needless to say, I can take a hint!

If you decide to follow along, I hope that you too will find here an outlet or advice or an answer or, at the very least, mild entertainment and a laugh.  I’ve got nothing particularly special for you today…only an introduction to my blog.  Until next time (could be a week from now…could be 30 seconds)…


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